Photographing love stories in the greater areas of San Antonio and the Texas Hill Country, Austin, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, and we are travel-ready for destination weddings wherever your love story takes you."
Hey, lovebirds! Congrats on saying Yes and locking it down, and let's buckle up for an effing fantastic journey with Gabe Rene. We're not your average photographers – we're the dream team that's here to make your wedding moments absolutely dope!
🌟 Why Should You Choose Us? 🌟
✨ A Team Who Gives a Damn: We're not just in it for the gig; we're in it because we absolutely care about your love story, your joy and your happiness!
✨ Creativity That'll Blow Your Mind: We bring an artistic twist to every damn shot – from classic poses to those candid captures that'll have you saying, 'Holy sh*t, that's us!' Our style? A solid mix of documentary and journalistic vibes, with a cinematic touch turning everyday scenes into visually captivating stories.

✨ Kick-Ass Packages: Whether you're eloping like rebels or throwing a wedding that's the sh*t, our packages are customizable, so you get exactly what you want for your big day.

✨ Relive Your Big Day Like It's Effing Yesterday: Imagine flipping through your album and feeling the same crazy emotions as your wedding day. We're all about freezing raw emotions in time.
📅 Limited Spots 'Cause We're Busy! 📅
Our calendar fills up quicker, so don't sleep on this sh*t. Join the ranks of countless happy couples who've trusted us to capture their love story in all its effing glory.
📞 Ready to Chat? Let's Effing Do This! 📞
If you're down to make your wedding memories the dopest sh*t ever, hit us up. Click that 'Book Now' button and let's get this party started!
Your love, our effing lenses – let's create wedding magic that's straight-up legendary.
- Gabe Rene
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